Saturday, September 10, 2011

A Vistor From Afar, Or One Of Them Places

إخطار إعادة التوجيه
الصفحة التي كنت عليها تحاول إرسالك إلى

إذا كنت لا ترغب في زيارة تلك الصفحة، يمكنك العودة إلى الصفحة السابقة.

Ooooooo. Whatzit say? Somethin' dangerous or tactikewl?

Um, no:

"Redirect Notice
"The page you are trying to send you to the

"If you do not want to visit that page, you can return to the previous page.

The world is not only more ordinary than we think, it is way more ordinary than anyone could imagine.

Except for the giant slugs (limax maximus), of course. Haven't seen them this year -- too hot and dry, I expect. Sic transit gloria limax, alas.


BGMiller said...

The United Arab Emirates paper shufflers have told the Google paper shufflers that you're writing about mollusks isn't really the sort of thing they cotton to. And the Google paper shufflers having read a memo From On High that stated that annoying paper shufflers from any sort of .gov was a Very Bad Thing smile and say, " will be handled immediately sir" They then grab a code monkey 3rd class (probationary) by the ear and shout, "none of this sort of thing ever again!" The code monkey 3rd class (probationary) cringes from the contact with another living creature, makes tappy noises on a keyboard and hey presto screens all over some place Way Over There where They Aren't Like Us get pretty little squiggles instead of a picture of a slug.

Interesting. I wonder what they have against slugs.....


Roberta X said...

Nope, it's a search-engine results page -- an incoming link I clicked on that was gonna send me to the page it had directed [whoever] to.

BGMiller said...


Well drat it all then.

And here I'd pieced together such a nice little narrative too.

Oh well......


Matthew said...


Wherever did you get the idea that just because your narrative is false you have to abandon it?


BGMiller said...

A.) Who said I'm abandoning it?
B.) Who said it was false? It may not apply to this situation but based on what has been reported about Google's dealings in the past I feel it's plausible.


Matthew said...

That's the stuff! =)