Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sheriff-created Local Tragedy

Marion County Sheriff John Layton: "...these firearms might have been returned to the street through an auction process, but I believe that the right thing to do is destroy them and completely eliminate the possibility that they might fall back into hands of criminals."

Yepper. 'Cos we know criminals just love to buy a gun from the po-lice and commit a felony right in front of 'em by filling out a Form 4473 sayin' they are okay-fine to have a gun.

Sheriff John Layton: there's a man for whom I will never vote. Ever. Just another antigunner in uniform. --Except for his own special self, of course.


Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

This is what happens when Democrats are elected to responsible positions.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

I'm also curious (well, not really) why the thing about Layton wasn't the lead in that story. I realize it happened in 2004, but a candidate's son being jailed for parole violations seems like small beer compared to a candidate himself trying to get on a plane with a loaded handgun post-9/11. Stupidity at that level makes one question Layton's credibility and common sense.

Glad I voted for Fishburn. Too bad he didn't win.

Rob K said...

We need to get IC 35-47-3-2-c-5 repealed. It shouldn't be that hard to get those 4 words struck.

WV: pigarine -- a delicious lard based spread for your toast and muffins.

Jeff said...

I saw that this morning on the local tee-vee station (one you may or may not be familiar with) and thought of you cringing.

Cincinnatus said...

Medieval superstition required that the axe that accidently cut a man be destroyed. It would actually be so condemned in a judicial proceeding.

Roberta X said...

Rob, I had to look it up. A-men!