Wednesday, September 07, 2011

The Narrative

Tom Brokaw, pontificating for the Today show: "The Tea Party is tiny but very well organized...they show up everywhere...." --Or, Tom, maybe -- just maybe! -- there are a whole lot of people annoyed at an ever-growing, ever-taxing monster of a Federal government, and a lot more of them than ever are willing to get out there and wave signs? But if you admitted that, you'd pee in your boots from fear.

Meanwhile, anent POTUS, Tom muses, "His party...wonders which guy will show up," the "angry populist," the executive who "rolled back environmental regulations,"* or "the cool arbitrator..." But Tom, that's all the same guy: the "magic mirror" campaigner, who gives the audience whatever they want to see. Tsk, sooo fickle; you lurved it in '08. (To be fair, I'm convinced winning Presidential elections these days requires a degree of appearing to be all things to a majority of the people, to be politically as Suetonius gossiped Julius Caesar was in the bedroom, "Every woman's husband and every man's wife." --Oh, and promise enough special interest groups they'll get their breaded circuses -- promise with crossed fingers).

Ahh, election season. I'll be voting mostly Libertarian -- and popping popcorn.
* I believe that's hyperbole: all he did was tell EPA to maintain existing smog standards, rather than implementing stricter rules. But the Green Democrats have been cadging beers to cry in ever since, blearily averring Hilary (or Ralph) wouldn'a done it.


Bubblehead Les. said...

Heading down to the local Board of Elections today, just to make sure everything is still Okey-Dokey with our registrations, and to make sure we get our Absentee ballots for the upcoming Fall "We're Broke! Feed us!" Shenanigans my Town is pulling in November and the Spring Political Auction. But since its going to be the Anointed One and Somebody Else a year from now, I ain't sweating it.

But I do wish "None of the Above" was a valid Vote.

Glad to hear Mom X. is getting better.

Ken said...

From what I read about the smog proposal, parts of Yellowstone would have been out of compliance. You can wreck businesses readily enough, but pleading with a caldera is futile (Joe vs. the Volcano notwithstanding).

Of course, coming from hirelings of King Canute, I suppose I shouldn't be surprised they think they can plead with a caldera.

Joanna said...

Breaded circuses are where battered women go for entertainment.

/Bwa ha ha.

Old Grouch said...

"rolled back environmental regulations,"* (* I believe that's hyperbole: all he did was tell EPA to maintain existing smog standards...)

No, it's statist-speak. Just like the way slowing an increase in government spending gets called "draconian spending cuts," or not increasing taxes becomes "tax expenditures."

Anonymous said...

So, is Tom trying to assert that there's just a handfull of Tea Party types who are magically bussed or flown to various spots around the country to make it APPEAR that there are a lot of 'em? AND they disguise themselves so that nobody can tell that it's always the same handful of people showing up?

Boy, are they CLEVER! DIABOLICALLY clever! It's no wonder that Bad Luck Barry constantly loses to them!