Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Breakfast: Wishes vs. Reality

What I'd make if I had time: a "slinger," hashbrowns, a couple eggs and a sausage or ground pork patties, generously covered with chili, with onions and cheese.

Wikipedia tells me it's a "Midwestern diner specialty," but until I stumbled over the article, I'd never heard of it. (Despite that, I invented my own version one weekend morning: corned beef hash, fried egg, chili on top, much better than you'd expect).

What I'm having: Honey-Nut Chex. Which are really quite good.

Plus coffee and juice, of course.


Old Grouch said...

The folks at the Goody Goody Diner call their version "the Wilbur" and do it as a chili-and-cheese covered omlet. Makes it almost worth driving to St.Louis just to have breakfast.

Quizikle said...

Well, I've not seen a "Chicago pizza" in Chicago or a "Denver omelet" in Denver. Though I'm sure the marketing boys have introduced them now.

Anonymous said...

Ah Canned Corned Beef hash... the other meat candy!
a double open faced Chili cheeseburger with Eggs on top was Named the Bo Burger after a soon to be Bionic Nuc we Both know

Anonymous said...

Oh God it all makes me so hungry! Bobby (and no, you don't have to print this), my e-mail is I lost Roseholme Cottage's address, for the third time (Nigerian hacks, why I moved from

If I write Tammy again, she'll think I went senile. I have to send her some firearms related stuff, all non-4473.

Also, it occurs to me that you were interested in some paper from a mostly out of business printing shop I know of. I just saw the guy again after 2 or so years, and he said to help myself.

Sorry, the linotype is spoken for, and soon to be Lyman 311467's for my Schmidt-Rubins.

Can you help? Thanks, Ed Foster.

Roberta X said...

Roger, Wilco.