Wednesday, October 03, 2012

A Strong Dose Of Whatisthisidon'teven...

A swingin' Big Band rap song from 1943 about Stalin whuppin' on Hitler based on a speech by Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Yes, it's real. And the Allies did burn up a helluva lotta Russians winnin' that war. But the next time someone tells you this is the pinkest Administration in U.S. history, maybe you better start laughin'.  (Even if they did red up the White House somethin' awful yesterday.)  Maybe you better buy a nice Commie hat -- or buy a half-dozen for the whole collective at anniversary sale prices.

     (And that reminds me: the commie-watching Ushanka blog has turned six.  Felicitations, tovarich!)


Stranger said...

A political version of early "radio gospel harmony." And pretty good for 1943 or so.

And whether or not this is the "pinkest" regime in American History is certainly debatable.

FDR certainly adopted many Marxian talking points, but so did Herbert Hoover, the Kingfish and Bob Lafollete.

As far as I can tell FDR never came out publicly in favor of "State control of the means of production and distribution of goods." At the time, that would have ended his political career.

But FDR never actually endorsed the twin faces of end game Socialism: Fascism, with its retention of taxable private property or the Communists State ownership of all property, down to your underwear.

On the other hand, it is hard to tell what Obama has in mind; beyond "all your income belongs to the State and I am going to share it with the poor and downtrodden." Especially the poor and downtrodden people running Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, and his other money faucets.


Drang said...

Oddly, a tune that never gets airplay on Sirius Satellite Radio's "40s on Four" channel, which does run some pieces that would not get airplay today.