Thursday, October 25, 2012

New Brainbox Online

Wowie!  Is this thing ever fast!

Bad news, I have damn-all transferred from the old machine, and still have to grab out my bookmarks (I think.  H'mm, better check the thumb drive!)  And I have not yet made up my mind about the  pseudo-Apple keyboard, which is less than optimally finger-friendly.  On the other hand, it may be a little better for touch-typing, so I shall give it time.

     Better news, I did stuff most of "My Documents" onto the Toshiba 640GB external drivette and the similar stuff from my old (oooooold) laptop was already on it.

     I need to see if my external HD dock works with the HD in my old machine; that'd be the quick way.

     Still to come: making one of the laser printers Tam has acquired work as a shared printer!  (I love my old h/p 640C Deskjet, the very Ritz for doin' T-shirt iron-ons, but it's never been very good at feeding more than one page and has been steadily getting worse.  This is not useful if you want to print something out to ply the ol' blue pencil or write a summary, and printing it at work is Right Out: they've been getting nibbled to death by printer-supplies ducks for years now and only a real rat would add to it.)


CGHill said...

Inevitably, when I hear someone praising an HP DeskJet, it's an old HP DeskJet. The new ones apparently are made out of Satan's dandruff, compressed and mixed with a binding agent.

(I have a 720C, now in its teens. Feed is occasionally wonky; print is gorgeous.)

Roberta X said...

Sounds remarkably similar to mine!

Bob said...

Might be a good time to switch to Google Chrome as a browser, Roberta. Here's why: Google stores your bookmarks on the cloud, so that in a situation where you switch to a new computer, just downloading Chrome and typing in your Google ID instantly brings your bookmarks to the browser, ready for use. No saving them to a file that must be updated regularly, Google does all of it for you. The first time I realized how it worked (when I bought a laptop from my nephew) I was astounded at the convenience of this feature.

Roberta X said...

Firefox can do that, too. It strikes me as a security hole.

Chrome I will not use, on principle; Google already dominates my online experience to an astounding degree.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

I removed Chrome from my mother's computer just last week. She didn't know why it was installed. I told her it was a virus.