Thursday, October 18, 2012

No, "Audit The Fed," Not "Blow Up!"

Once again, the FBI's got itself into the bomb-supplies business -- but just like Wile E. Coyote's ACME, what they sell doesn't actually work.

     This time, they found a man from Bangladesh who wanted to blow stuff up and were only to happy to set him up.  As is so often the case, it was Target: NYC, with the Federal Reserve Bank his immediate aim, since it seemed easier to hit than the Stock Exchange.  (And we wonder why Mayor Bloomberg seems paranoid?  The FBI's settin' people up to bomb his town!  But you think he'd fret more about ANFO than NRA.)

     While you have to wonder how far any of these clowns would get without J. Edgar Hoover's kids "helping," the successful outcome is that yet again, something didn't get exploded.  (And for the record, I am very much in favor of keeping malefactors from blowing up persons and property.)

     Also, Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia.  And that's the part that kinda frets me.

     (Summat related, the short film Me And The Big Guy.  Sounds interesting.)


Bubblehead Les. said...

So the FBI grabbed another Disgruntled Al-Queda Wannabe and Stung them. Sorry, but the day I see SWAT raids taking out Safe Houses full of Sleeper Cells, then I'll be impressed. One could go onto any major College Campus and find a half a dozen of these guys day in and day out. This stuff is just another act of Security Theater, like the TSA.

rickn8or said...

Les-- And I find the timing of the event rather curious.

Archer said...

"Protest over a YouTube video."
"Protest over a YouTube video."
*whisper whisper*
"Terrorist attack. There was no protest over a YouTube video. We never said that."

Another funny thing in the timing: I'm re-reading 1984 and JUST got to that scene.

The administration has been conducting its press releases as if they have complete Orwellian control over the past, but the Internet is forever, and will continue to be only as long as Big Brother keeps his/her slimy claws out.

Remember that, next time they want to implement some "common-sense, reasonable" controls over sources of information.

John B said...

Well, now that they've set the blueprint for an Orwellian state! I'll be following in the steps of this excellent primer produced by the same guy who did Burn Notice. I enjoy Burn Notice, though I sometimes get urges to force feed poor Gabrielle Anwar before she succumbs to bulimia.