Monday, October 22, 2012

New At I Work On A Starship

     Just a little vignette, a return visit to the sort-of-anarchist commune/university/whatever, a look at another inhabitant of Frothup and sometime FCS space-crew: Mo.

     My apologies for the out-of-continuity story bits; I am working hard on an "Our Story Thus Far..." summary for Frothup: Dropping In, so that I can start moving the narrative forward again.  Doing my best to keep spoilers out of the odds and ends that demand to be written in the meantime.


Anonymous said...

I gotta remain anon for this one. You captured what it means to gig and do a day-gig at the same time. I did the same for seven years and the contrast could be schizophrenic. The day job involved trying to fix an organization that utilized management by clusterf*** and had an ED that operated by magical thinking.

We parted company, they had to pay me to go away, then hired me as a consultant to make the govt. happy then a smarter company bought me out. The point being the gigs were market driven despite being "Human Services" and getting that lesson across to providers was the number one (tedious) chore.

Anyway enjoying the narrative-btw did you use ham written software as a model for Edger software, the ham stuff I use requires you to think, no easy interface.

73 R

Roberta X said...

An interesting question! I'm not sure -- with their smaller population, Edgers make much greater use of automation and are generally more comfortable with the "more powerful/less idiotproof" model of computing in general;; but this has to be tempered by the need for the UI to be fairly intuitive and clear. Which is why guys like Mo (who has been given a touch of the skill I have observed in real-life software boffins) find themselves with a large and rapt audience.

karrde said...

Good addition to the universe.