Sunday, October 07, 2012

Thank You, Indiana Democratic State Central Committee

     Thank you for giving me a website full of reasons to vote for Republican Scott Schneider!  (And sending a nice, glossy flyer to tell me about it.) Oh, he's not perfect; we still have to get background-checked and issued carry permits to legally carry firearms to all those places bad guys had been illegally carrying them to for decades, but you've shown me he's a guy I want to keep in the state Legislature.


     That wasn't your intent?

     Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.  Backfired on you, did it?

     Attention, voters, Rich D has a link to the "Who's On Your Indiana Ballot?" page, very handy.  Make notes!
     (By the way, Central Commitarians, one of your models looks to be suffering some sort of inflammation in her eyelids.  She should go get that checked out.)


Drang said...

Why, that Wookie Suiter!

rickn8or said...

"Schneider voted to void local gun laws and let politicians decide who can carry guns."

Um, isn't that decision made by politicians at either level??

Or is a state legislator more expensive than a city / county one?

Roberta X said...

Yeah, that line is particularly dim -- and particularly telling.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

I think a larger point is that the Dems, as usual, are avoiding the admission that folks who are going to cause a ruckus with a gun aren't going to care about any steenking law that says they can't carry a gun into a particular venue, and indeed, that the law-abiding citizen with a legally-carried gat may do more good than harm by taking out the bad guy before he has a chance to complete his massacre.

But yeah, I got my copy of the lovely "Reasons To Vote for Scott Schneider" mailer yesterday, too, and I agree that it's a much more compelling ad for Mr. Schneider than it is against him. Good job, Indiana Democrats.

The Jack said...

Huh? Politicians deciding who can carry guns? I didn't realize the Dems were so against discretionary issue. And they don't want politicians deciding where they can carry either? So no government mandated gun free zones then?

Oh wait... they just don't like it when the Statehouse rules against their favor.

This reminds me of Melina Kennedy. When she ran for Indianapolis Mayor, she made a similar baronial assumption. She ran promising to "get tough" on "gun crime", with a whole raft of restrictive regulations for the city... that State Law would have prohibited her from enacting.

I guess government's only bad for these folks when it ties their hands.