Friday, October 12, 2012

EU Awarded Nobel Peace Prize: Inside Job

Why not?  After all, our current President won the thing, what, winning the election despite American horribleness? Not being G. W. Bush? (But the Nobel Peace Prize has kind of a history of being awarded to foreign heads of the state the Committee has high hopes for, so that's not so far out of line). --But there was a shark in the road ahead:

     Now, the Nobel committee has handed the Peace Prize to the European Union, on the self-congratulatory assertion that the Continent has, somehow, so far managed to avoid starting yet another big war, despite the Archduke-rich environment and an ongoing economic implosion certain to end in wheelbarrows and/or trillion-Euro pocket change.  A committee chaired, by sheerest coincidence, by Thorbjørn Jagland, Secretary-General of the Council Of Europe, a kind of Neanderthal existing side by side with the EU's Cro-Magnon and, as is typical of the way things run over there,* thoroughly entangled with it.

     It only avoids being a conflict of interest because nobody outside the Nobel Peace Prize Committee is interested any more.

     But these days, the Peace Prize should come with a round red nose and some white grease paint, don't you think?  And maybe they can get someone to repaint The Coronation of Napoleon with Thorbjoern in the starring spot, face painted and in the process of sticking the clown-nose on!

     Self-beclowning: now all Europeanish and coooool.  Gak.
* Give them this, there's a kind of freedom in getting things so completely snarled up that nobody can sort them out.


Unknown said...

Over here a talking head (well, talk radio, so I guess a talking voice, but that lacks) said that he figures the sole purpose of the Nobel Peace Prize committee is to annoy conservatives.

I find it hard to disagree with that.

Roberta X said...

For an EU value of "conservative," p'raps so.

Still, this one is poor form, very poor form.

Jess said...

The Nobel Prize is to the point you get one free with a large, two topping pizza.

Bubblehead Les. said...

So the Role Model for World Peace as designated by an European Group of Idiots is...A European Group of Idiots!

BTW, are we out of Kosovo yet? Clinton said we would only be there a max of 5 years if I recall.

Anonymous said...

I believe the Nobel comittee gives bonus points for bombing non- europeans. I think 10 points for every drone attack, 20 points for missle attacks and 50 points for fighter/bomber attacks.




perlhaqr said...

But these days, the Peace Prize should come with a round red nose and some white grease paint, don't you think?

I was thinking a set of water skis and a big foam shark, myself.

Jennifer said...

It's just because they aren't eligible for the prize in economics.