Monday, October 22, 2012

Same Old Same Old

Remember when Mr. Obama promised to run those nasty ol' lobbyists outta .gov jobs?  Radley Balko points to an article showing -- with plenty of examples -- how the new broom might've swept the old ones out...and certainly swept a new crop right in.

     Here's the thing: Uncle Sam needs Subject Matter Experts; so do the various industries and groups who lobby him.  While it may be unfortunate that they periodically do-si-do, that is how it works.  Candidates tell you, with a truthful, noble frown, that "lips that touch lobbying will never touch mine," that they will have no truck with lobbyists, not nohow! In practice, all that means is they will run the Opposition's lobbyists out.  "Lobbying" is the off-season filler job for every SME and fixer in the District of Columbia and all her suburbs.  What, did you think they'd mow lawns and proffer "massage" to tide themselves over?

     ...Not that the oldstream media think so; they're already sitting around the campfire holding flashlights under their wagging chins, fretting that if Mr. Romney gets in, it'll be boooom times for (GOP-leaning) lobbyists.  What the heck, it probably will -- and lean times for the Democrat-inclined ones presently filling the Executive branch like cats in Hemingway's Key West home.  (Oh, and another hot tip for the steam-press and Kinetoscope set?  Tinker Bell is just a tiny spotlight and Nana is just an actor in a dog suit.)


DaddyBear said...

But if they clap really hard and loud, TinkerObama will come back to life. Come on kids, clap!

Bubblehead Les. said...

I asked a History Professor once about why there are Lobbyists in the First Place. Now, he's a little to the Right of Nixon, but he said to me that they have a Constitutional Right to be there because they are under the First Amendment, i.e. "....and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

But of course the Hippies are getting their Knickers in a Twist. But what do expect from a group of people who think "The Rule of Law" should be based on the Communist Manifesto?

So, here's another case of "Your Founding Fathers at Work!"

JohninMd(help!) said...

At least "massage" is fairly close to what they do in gummint. And for an extra $20, well, you know.....ew.

Anonymous said...

In fact, while there are more than the usual number of cats in Hemingway House, they aren't as thick on the ground as lobbyists in DC.

Perhaps a more accurate image is ants around a lump of sugar, or cockroaches in an unfumigated kitchen at night.


Dave H said...

"Lobbying" is the off-season filler job for every SME and fixer in the District of Columbia and all her suburbs.

That's like most engineers I know. They're never unemployed, but sometimes they're "consultants."

Old NFO said...

Meh- You can't even 'move' around here without kicking a lobbyist... Just sayin... And THEY can switch sides faster than you'd believe!

Roberta X said...