Friday, October 26, 2012

Does My Rhapsody Need Waxed?

     Possibly. I've left work to the sight of positively stunning sunsets every night this week, clouds stark white, gold or neon-pink against a sky in every shade from deep royal blue to palest cornflower.

      Today, the weather had turned, from sunlight 80s to rainy 40s;* it was gray and gloomy all day, a low overcast like a basement ceiling.  I wasn't expecting much and hadn't passed near a window in some time.  Walked out the back door to find a softly-quilted comforter overhead, clouds edge-lit in violet, pink-gold, and slate blue, the sun a brilliant beacon at the edge of the sky, where a sliver of sky-blue so suffused with light it teetered on the edge of turquoise seemed to carry the glow around half the sky.

     It was little short of amazing; the low clouds had turned fluffy and gone from a cold, dank threat to a city-sized blankie.

     And the dome of the sky -- even made up as a bed -- is too large to photograph.
* That's "243" and "7" respectively, for those of you in Canada or on The Continent.


The Jack said...

I love the temp unit joke!

Heck that's a balmy 500 as those down at Dayton recon it.

Anonymous said...

I didn't happen w/o photos!



Cincinnatus said...

Also known to the British as a "spanner"...

Zendo Deb said...

The really good vistas, can't be photographed. Well, maybe Ansel A. could capture them, but I never could.

Long lens. Wide angle. Pictures of skies, or deserts or the ocean - when it takes your breath away - never seem seem the same as in person.

And forget when you have you heart in your throat.