Monday, October 22, 2012

BlogMeet: Yats?

What about Yats (on College Ave.) for our next BlogMeet?  Upside: food is *good.*  Service is fast, fast, fast!

Downside: no dedicated parking.  None.  You'll be finding a spot along the street.  Also, no beer/wine/whatever.



Anonymous said...

No beer or wine?


The Jack said...

Never been there.

I'd be willing to give it a go.

Is there enough seating?

Don said...

I'll try it. But, I warn you, I'm half Cajun. I have high standards; Mama was a good cook.

Roberta X said...

You may not be impressed, Don, though they do try; it's mostly stew-over-rice dishes at Yats.

Jack (the), there's plenty of seating -- unless they're way busy at 3:00 on a Sunday. Fallbacks are Sam's Gyros, Twenty-Tap, and Moe & Johnnies, all on that intersection. Or we get lunch to go and Occupy Fresh Market's upper parking deck! (They would not be amused.)