Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Very Fine BlogMeet

...Yats was warm and uncrowded, with the usual menu of assorted Creole-over-rice dishes.
In attendance: Joanna (yayy!), Old Grouch, Kerry (recent inheritor of a tabletop steam engine), The Jack (handgonne in hand), Don (a Cajun adrift amongst us sauvage savants) Tam and yrs trly, Roberta X.

     Conversation was all over the place, from cover stories in the copies of Concealed Carry Tam brought to pass out to Don's experienced judgement of the food ("Creole, not Cajun -- Cajun uses more tarragon and less pepper.") and Old Grouch's find of a perfectly wonderful Halloween event at the Old Centrum: silent movies!  First-rate ones!  With a real pipe organ! Johanna mentioned her latest writing projects, Kerry his search for a good "starter" ham HF transceiver (I'm at a loss; based on front-panel layout and user reports, I think highly of Icom -- their 718 looks nice -- but as a dedicated boatanchorist,  I have no experience with anything more recent than the Ten-Tec "Scout!") and it was, all-in-all, a fine old time.

     --The entree menu changes daily but I unreservedly recommend the sea-salt brownies, an extravagance of chocolate verging on heavyweight devil's food cake.

     I rode the mini-highwheel (in newsboy cap, double-breasted peajacket, jeans rolled up to just below my knees and fluorescent-yellow knee socks, 'cos if you're gonna, why stop half-way?). About midway through our gathering, a passer-by showed up, wanting to know whose bike it was and offering his compliments!  Despite being a lot of work to ride -- direct-driving a 28" wheel is not as easy as it sounds -- it's a lot of fun, too.

     At last, I have captured the essence of Tam in a photo:
Always in motion.  (But wait!  That's a white hat, not a black one.  Does this mean...other than hat color, the evil-twin Tam is exactly like the one we all know?  Eeeeeeeeeek!)


Turk Turon said...

I don't quite get it. If Tam The Good wears a white hat, doesn't that mean we've been dealing with...the other one...all these years?



Roberta X said...

Turk, I don't know. I just don't know. ;) (Nice 'scope project, BTW!)

Navigator, I think she's more of a Quentin Tarantino character.

skidmark said...

Personally, I think the color of the hat was just to gain contrast for the message. I heard it "came that way" and there is a back-story. ;)

stay safe.

Don said...

The food was actually pretty good, 7 out of 10. The crawfish in the etoufee were fresh, not rubbery at all. The hunter's stew was nice, if a bit too hot. BUT, you can't not have red beans and rice and call yourself a Cajun restaurant.

Rougarou is watching, cher.

Karl said...

Looks like another great time. Sorry to miss you all, and hope all made it home safely and with full stomachs!


Home on the Range said...

White Hat Tam - I almost expected to see an orchestra in the background a la Blazing Saddles.

It was great to see Miss J. back! Sorry I missed it.