Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Be Careful What You Take In

Case in point: a Winsor McCay* animated short from 1921, in which the paterfamilias suffers a dream about a lovely little creature that shows up at the couple's door.  They feed it...and things go terribly wrong.

     Remember this then next time politicans come 'round with their adorable little ideas: the blame things to grow and grow, and eat and eat, and it all comes out of your pocket.


     Elsewhere on the campaign front, the commercials against are turning into pretty good commercials for, the (supposedly) anti Scott Schneider I linked to the other day, for instance, that points out he's darned good on guns and spending.  From Scott's side of the aisle, the GOP has an ad showing how Dem Joe Donnely has consistently voted his party's line on healthcare and bailouts.  I guess it gets Republicans all het up get out and vote, if only to keep him out of even higher office, but if you're on the Other Side, that's got to be almost as good as a Presidential endorsement, no?

     The way they both thunder Choose A Side! and play Commies and Capitalists, Secularists and Preachers with the verve and fervor of seven-year-olds has me looking longingly at the LP ticket.  'Cos one is the party of Big Government and the other is the party of Really Big Government and they both wanna tell me how to live my life in a zillion detailed ways that really aren't any of their business.  Sure, each one has different plans for me but geez, I'm all (most) growed up now, maybe I should do my own deciding?
* McCay was an uncommonly gifted visual artist and just about singlehandedly invented the animated film.

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Ken said...

My thought: Vote in self-defense on the basis of guns, taxes, and property rights. If those go reasonably well, the sturdy yeomanry and yeowomanry can kick the busybodies and noseyparkers of whatever stripe out of one's privacy any time one feels like it.