Friday, December 28, 2012

Extry! Extry! NYT Editorial Staff Still Idiots!

     Oh, wait, that doesn't rate an Extra edition; it's old, old news.  But oh, what confirmation they keep providing!

     For example, this piece, about the horrific impact of the evil NRA on nominations to the Federal judiciary.  [Insert scary woo-woo noises here.] Why, how dare a single-issue advocacy group actually, you know, apply advocating a position to the selection of judges!

     Okay, now change "guns" to "abortion"  and "NRA" to "Planned Parenthood" and try to imagine that editorial appearing in the New York Times....  What?  Can't?  Okay, how about "freedom or the press" and ACLU, with the Gray Lady abjurin' us savages that just because the naughty ACLU thinks a judge might be a book-banner, that doesn't mean they should dare get up on their hind legs and question the all-seeing wisdom of the President or try'n influence the sages in the Senate.

     Hey, stop laughing!  Or don't.

     Best comment: "Instead of majority rule, we have minority totalitarianism."  Yes, you idiot, yes we do; that's why the Bill of Rights is there, all ten of them, to keep a majority from voting away the fundamental rights of individuals and their freely-chosen associations and individual States.  Shocking, ain't it?


Robert Fowler said...

I tried to read some of the comments. The hatred of the NRA is strong with that bunch. I was especially amused by the fool that said he lives in fear because of the 2nd Amendment. If I was that afraid of something, I think I would dig a deep hole, jump in and pull it in on top of myself.

But then, it is the NYT. Would we expect any less.

Anonymous said...

+100 on the post!!!


Old NFO said...

Excellent points Roberta... it's one way only... THEIR way! Idjits... sigh