Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Open Mouth, Insert Foot, Lose Big

     We almost replaced anti-gun Republican Senator Richard Lugar with pro-gun Republican Richard Mourdock -- right up until Mr. Mourdock's uncanny ability to generate dreadful soundbites sunk his campaign in the general election.  But hey, we were still okay, right?  'Cos winning Democrat Joe Donnelly was, at least, A-rated by the NRA.  He was our friend on guns!

     Operant word: "was."  Not so much, now.


Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

If anybody voted for Donnelly based on his NRA rating, they should be looking very red-faced and embarrassed about now.

rickn8or said...

Some things you can count on. Fer instance, in any big election the R candidate is going to get asked some question about "Women's issues", particularly The Big One. And you can count on the R candidate saying something stupid. Then said stupid remark gets 24/7 coverage until the election is over.

It's like the media was working for the D candidate or something.

You'd think the R's would learn something after being bitten the 37th time.

The NRA isn't much better. They keep forgetting a D candidate is a D first and a gun-owner second, and will toe the D party leadership line every time, unless he is up for re-election and has permission to "stand with the pee-pul."

The Freeholder said...

And this is why, as an NRA Endowment member, I don't take the NRA's word on who to vote for. Our state group, Grass Roots North Carolina, is pretty much take no prisoners, and their candidate ratings are much more realistic, since they don't take politics into account. It's just "Who in the race is the best on guns?" They ignore all the rest of it.

Mark Alger said...

This is why I keep saying, you cannot vote Democrat. A D could be the reincarnation of Lysander Spooner in his living room. As soon as he's elected, the machine gets its claws in him, and that's it for the Republic.

Not only can you not (safely) vote Democrat, you have to be careful you don't inadvertently, whilst voting your principles, help get a Democrat elected. There's a lot of THAT going around.

Which is highly problematic, given the spine-ectomies the Republican establishment seems to be undergoing these days.

Oh, no. One most assuredly does not simply vote ones way out of this. But one may nevertheless make things worse.