Thursday, December 13, 2012

State Senator Jim Merritt Ruins Career Over Tannerite

     Yes, he's still at it: brave, crusading State Senator Jim Merritt is still out to Save Us from the Scourge Of Tannerite.  He has (apparently) backed off from his demand to take names and limit amounts sold, but he's still aimin' to get it put behind the counter with the cigarettes and skin magazines, and just as illegal for under-18 citizens to lay hold of.

     Report is that he's facing opposition from his own party and (surprise! surprise!) the National Rifle Association. (I can't find his proposed bill on the web yet, tsk.)  --But there's no reason why he shouldn't get a little more opposition from you and me, too!  You can e-mail him at this link, at,  or if you're old-fashioned:
Senator Jim Merritt
Indiana State Senate
200 W. Washington Street
Indianapolis, IN 46204-2785
(317) 232-9400
(800) 382-9467

     Tell him "Hands Off Tannerite!"  Maybe he'd like to work on mandatory daily alcohol testing for IMPD officers who drive official cars, instead?

     (Here's who contributes to his campaigns.)

     (I note with interest that this splendid example of a State Senator (I say, I say) is also a big booster of the so-called "Lifeline" law, in which hard-drinking under-agers -- mostly college students -- can call EMS or the po-po when their peers, you know, pass out and stop breathing from over-indulgence, without having to fear arrest for their crime.  Yes, kids, try that in the 'hood and see how it works out for you; call it whatever they like but this is a law to codify immunity for the sons and daughters of privilege.  How very nice.  How very, very nice. Hey, you know what, Senator?  When these punks drink themselves to death in flagrant violation of the law and common sense, just think of it as evolution in action.  And ditto when their tipsy little pals end up hung over and looking up at a judge.  Sooner or later, we'll either breed them for better alcohol tolerance or possibly a modicum of restraint, the latter being something their parents are evidently unable to teach 'em.)


Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Seems Sen. Merritt's argument appears to have no merit at all. The only people who have been injured in the process of using Tannerite appear to have been acting stupidly with it by using it in a manner inconsistent with its intended use (putting it in an old clothes dryer and setting it off? Good Lord).

It's truly unfortunate when a member of the legislature gets his facts wrong and, instead of admitting that he was wrong after his error is pointed out, continues to dig that doggone hole.

What's even worse is that he's a *censored* Republican.

Anonymous said...

Pop quiz, Senator!

Which has killed more Hoosiers, Tannerite or drunk IMPD officers?

Shootin' Buddy

Old NFO said...

Simply pathetic... LOTS of better things to do!!!

Unknown said...

How he ruins his career is secondary to the fact that he ruins it. Service in a legislative body shouldn't be a career; arguably it should be a burden.

Putting it more directly: He's an incumbent. That alone is reason enough to vote against him, on principle.

Oh, and his protracted hissy fit over Tannerite is just plain silly.