Wednesday, December 12, 2012


From my forthcoming chapbook, Unknown Message: The Poetry Of Online Spam, two spoems:

[ New Year card distribute.]
Nip are fearfully tarot index card discussion.
Therefore, realistic tarot venerate has turn this way they feel
These uncomfortable aspects be beneficial to life.
Into the middle concerns epoch are issued this chary Would an obstacle connotations behoove tarot possible cards,
Ahead they are on every side comes manifest tarot file card love.
Undoubtedly, well supplied is for gewgaw meanings be useful to arcana, cards approximately account.
Accurate, it's capacity tends disgust with regard to than be incumbent on associate with arcana,
Nevertheless, fro connotations effortless lavishly having them actual our revere tarot.

 (And, in hybrid Spanish-Polish):

Tarot del amor Mi Nombre es Alicia Conde,
Soy kredyty hipoteczne Tarotista sardonic Astra Alloga.
Me encanta todo lo relacionado al misterio, el esoterismo najlepsze lokaty parapsicologa eneneral.
Me encanta escribir art.
Aculos continuamente para todos mis seguidores pawky poder ayudar organized gente.
Simple ser un poquito mas felices. Si.

 Typical Complaints Of Rowers 
But the mind of their love each other worth us to learn and respect
Whilst the definitive link may not have yet proven
This is probably the most typical complaints of rowers
What does the person that you love enjoy doing -- if he/she likes horror movies book two tickets beforehand
Produce possession within your team using the job at hand
The center cannot hold
Darkness darkness

      Only minor changes to the first one -- I moved a line from the middle to be the title.  The second had very little punctuation to begin with; I hacked out most of the remainder and added the last two lines, which are to be read sarcastically.

     What?  It's as good as a lot of modern poetry, and "found art" besides.  Might as well be good for something, if only provoking Persons from Porlock.


Bob said...

I detect some affection for Yeats among your spammers.

Don said...

Certainly as good as my English professor's prose.

Anonymous said...

I row and we typically complain about water skiers...and chaffing.