Monday, December 31, 2012

BlooogMeet Report


     Good Morning, Mr. and Mrs. America (remember, do not 'turn them all in!'), I'm Roberta X and this is your BlogMeet Report!


     Most attendees were more than prompt -- Tam, Turk Turon and Your Correspondent arrived with a degree of promptness and found Shermlock Shomes, the younger (but all growed up, let us be clear!) Shomes, Kerry and Old Grouch already enjoying ale and conversation.  Joanna arrived while we were crossing the parking lot and Fuzzy Curmudgeon was only just too late for the group photograph.
     Kerry brought a particular wonder, an antique Weeden tabletop steam engine that had belonged to his grandfather!
     Possibly a No. 14, a very nice toy engine.  L to R atop boiler: whistle and valve, throttle and safety valve. (Kerry also brought some home-grown, hand-picked artisanal eggs for the kitchen at Roseholme, for which our thanks!)

      Chatter was wide-ranging as usual -- a high point was the Shomes giftage giveaway, three nice stocking-stuffer items for three recipients selected by choice of random number.

      Food?  How 'bout this take on the "Ploughman's Lunch:"

     A fun time for all!  -- See you at the next?
*Probably the instrumental open from Baba O'Riley; you've got like 1:15 before the lyrics and it works very well as a news theme.


Home on the Range said...

Sorry I missed it, but had invite from colleague for a gathering pre New Years. :-(

LOVE the steam engine.

BGMiller said...

Nah, for your opening audio I would imagine something more along the lines of an old school news ticker chattering in the back ground with maybe a bit of Morse from your correspondent "over there".

Just my two cents.


Dave H said...

WATH-AM in Athens, Ohio inadvertently developed a neat sound effect for their news broadcast. Their "news room" was a phone booth sized closet with a small desk, microphone, and the rack holding their wire service receiver and a small thermal printer. Whenever the newsreader paused, the speech compressor would turn up the microphone gain until it could pick up the quiet "burrbur bur burrburrburrbur burr burr" sound the printer made.

Old Grouch said...

"...a neat sound effect for their news broadcast..."

Back in the old days it was two or three Model 15s in the room adjacent.

MSgt B said...

Happy New Year Roberta!

That lunch looks delicious.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

I hate being late. Glad I got there. :)