Saturday, December 01, 2012

The Politics Of Doom

     ...In case you've been wondering why I have not posted much on politics -- not even the goofiness of the Left asserting that pretty much the same GOP Congressthings who were a-okay when a Republican President appointed an African-American woman named "Rice" as Secretary of State are now dire, sexist racists for opposing an African-American woman named "Rice" as Secretary of State when appointed by a Democrat President* -- the reason is simple:

     The so-called "fiscal cliff" we're all supposed to be peerin' over and shakin' in our boots about is nothing; it's a curbstone compared to the huge gap between FedGov income and FedGov non-discretionary spending.  That's a bottomless pit! And the outcome of the presidential election wasn't going to make a bit of difference; we're talking about money they're stuck spending.  They could chop and hack and "tax the rich" and it still would not make a difference: the Federal Government is already bankrupt and when the music stops, it's going to go smash.  The only thing that's holding it up is the misguided confidence that it will stay up.  When that fades, as it must, we're in for a mess.

     And no party has a clear plan for the collapse or the clean-up.  Oh, some of the madder hacks on the Left are dreaming of the good ol' days of Uncle Joe and Chairman Mao, but they don't have a visceral understanding of how bad it could be; few living Americans do.  I'd like to tell you the GOP has a better idea, but they don't.  Most Republican pols are -- like their opposite numbers -- distracted by the glitter of smaller, shinier issues with well-defined constituencies.  Guns, abortion, child abuse, health care, wars and "Homeland Security" pale to nothing when the whole country's broke -- and it will be. 
* Srly, WTH?  Lookie here, WaPoMSNBC and Dems in gen, if'n y'wanna call 'em "partisan hacks," that's supportable; if you wanna tell us the GOP can't abide Mr. Obama's pick 'cos they are making a wrong interprtation of her role in wallpapering the Administration's slant on Benghazi on the Sunday politricks programs, fine; but you haven't a leg to stand on when you clam Susan Rice is opposed 'cos she is a woman of color -- unless you are claiming Condeleezza Rice is actually a fiendishly talented white female impersonator? (And in that case, why do you hate effeminate gay men?) Is it some "who's more black" contest? If so, you're objectifying women and racial minorities!


Old NFO said...

Well said Lady! And definitely on point. The 'crash' IS coming...

Ritchie said...

Oh, were you looking for consistency? That's down the hall. This is genial deception and backstabbing.