Friday, December 21, 2012

A Posinegative?

     The good thing about two bloggers sharing office space is you bounce ideas off one another and get little bits of funny repartee to quote.

     The bad thing is that sometimes you're one another's Person From Porlock.  (I think we each only just barely got our stately pleasure domes decreed today!)


Kirk A said...

Enjoy Rush's version of Coleridge's work.



The Big Guy said...

No no no...
Roseholme Cottage = Machete. Looters go!

Wait, we're not playing Anagrams?


Roberta X said...

Nooooooo, it's what we artistes* call "highly figurative language,"** referring in this case to our delicately-structured linguistic confections -- satire, in my case and snark, in Tam's.
* Boys, this term is not always used to refer to strippers, okay?
** See previous footnote.

rickn8or said...

A Joyous Solstice to the denizens of Roseholme Cottage!

And a Merry Christmas, Contentious Festivus, and a Happy New Year to all y'all fellow fanbois!

So Roberta, when are we supposed to show up to see the strippers?

JohninMd.(help!?!) said...

Hunh?! Strippers? where? awww, shucks. Merry Christmas, Happy Hunikkah and Kwazy Kawanza. Y'all.

Brian In Florida said...

I am I suppose a lurker, I have bounced off your blog for quite a while but never commented.
I figured I at least by now owed you a Thanks for all you do.

Roberta X said...

Why, thank you, Brian!

MSgt B said...

A+ for literary reference.

Skip said...

What Brian said.
Happy Holiday's to you two. (not the cats, I don't like being governed).