Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Reaction To The Reaction

     Parents in Newtown have taken to shielding their children from reporters and cameramen; some locals have suggested to the media that it is time they departed and let the town deal with their sorrow.

     Syndicated talk shows -- the sort of television program that is essentially chewing gum for your eyes -- have descended on the town for Very Special Episodes, offering their self-serving fad-psych "consolation," exploiting the outrage for ratings.

     Perhaps the most egregious was the network that had the cast of their singing-contest show perform a hymn (fine) and then ran video of it in every newscast for a day and a half, tagged with "that's [progam name], at [time] [day], here on [network name]," making the solemn moment nothing more than a promotional opportunity.

     And that's all before we get to the blood-dancing anti-gun people, gleefully milking the horror to promote their agenda.

     Send 'em home, Newtown.  Send them all home.  They're not there to help.

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