Sunday, August 11, 2013

Adventures In Oversleeping

     It's Sunday; I woke up to a nasty headache, blocked sinuses, a blaring alarm clock and a shouting TV.  I shut off the latter two but Tam was watching the news in the living room, so I got up, took an allergy pill and an acetaminophen,* put on my hearing protectors, and went annoyedly back to sleep.

     It worked, too: a mere three hours later, I was merely achy all over and only mildly grumpy, both of which a small breakfast is rapidly solving.

     What's your excuse? --Er, if you needed one, that is.
* Y'know why the Brits call it "paracetamol?"  'Cos you can spell that without wondering if you went wrong!)

1 comment:

billf said...

I'm retired,so it doesn't matter if I oversleep.However,thanks to my new neighbor(who bought a house that sat empty for 10 years-and I liked it that way)and her two yappy little dogs,who get up at 6 am,there's no oversleeping allowed anymore.