Thursday, August 22, 2013


     A local man showed up at an area hospital in the wee small hours with a gunshot wound in his leg, telling a familiar tale: "...random bullet...[gas station] parking lot...."  It happened around 3:15 this morning.

     The news story got about that far when Tam and I were both wondering aloud if, just possibly, the "gunshot wound" might maybe have associated powder burns.  No matter what part of town you're in, a bullet in (or through) the leg is more likely to be self-inflicted than random.

     No matter how this particular story plays out, today's lesson is: use a holster.  Keep your itchy durn fingers off the go-bang lever.  Please.

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Stranger said...

Use a holster that covers the trigger until the piece is well on its way. Most of the leg shots I have seen were caused by the inertia of the gun exceeding the pull weight of the trigger.

And then it's time to tell the nice nursie all about the "bullet out of nowhere" that caused soooo much paiin!