Monday, August 19, 2013

Hot Cuisine -- And Quick, Too

     I'm enjoying a small bowl of deliciousness for supper.  It's smells wonderful and tastes even better, yet it was made in one pan with only the most rudimentary of preparation and very little attention.

     It's Amy's Organic Hearty French Country Vegetable Soup* with sauteed fresh mushrooms and a sliced Surry sausage, plus a little of this (a quarter of a white onion, diced) and that (a handful of cherry tomatoes, sliced).  (I think this one is the particular Edwards sausage product, should your local butcher not have 'em.)

     Of course, you cook it in the opposite order: rinse the mushrooms (I buy pre-sliced) and toss them in a large pan with a little olive oil for luck; break them up if they're really large slices, you're going to be eating this with a spoon.  Then slice or snip the Surry sausage into it and cook while you chop up the little bit of onion and stir that in.  Let it go until the mushrooms are just starting to darken and smell really good, slice up the tomatoes if you like and chuck 'em in, push it all around a bit, cover, go find the can of soup, open it up and pour it in, rinsing the can out with maybe a quarter-can of water and pour that in as well.  Cover, simmer and ignore for 15 minutes or more.  Next time you lift the lid, you'll say, "Ahhhhhhh!"

     ...If you like sort of thing.

     Serve with crusty bread or hearty crackers and nice fresh raw veggies. It doesn't need a speck of spice.  The Surry sausage is done up to a faretheewell, the soup stock is in no wise shy, and the rest stands nicely on its own merits.  I'm saving some for Tam when she gets home (if she wants it) and some more to take to work for lunch tomorrow.
* Yeah, yeah, it's organic and dolphin-safe and happy hippy rainbows all the way home. You know what else it is? Damn good, that's what.  Amy might be woowoo as can be but she sure can cook.

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