Saturday, August 24, 2013

I Must Be Weakened From The Workin'

     Or possibly the doctorin' -- whichever.  Worked 36 hours through Thursday, so I could work a half-day Friday and go to the doc for some minor outpatient surgery in the afternoon.   Returned home from that, laid down for a nap, and other than Tam waking me for about 45 minutes around 8 p.m. when her regular Friday evening pizza shipment arrived, I have been asleep ever since.

     Jim the Tree Guy called a few minutes ago; we tried to make contact Friday so I could pay him and couldn't, so he'll be stopping by any minute now.

     I'm trying to convince myself to not go back to bed after that.  It's a purty day out there and there's a gun show on, just down the road.


Anonymous said...

Yes, seize the day!

Old NFO said...

Get better lady!

Jeffro said...

Sometimes getting out and about is better than sleeping in for recovery purposes.

Ultimately, I'm with Old NFO - getcher self better!