Thursday, August 22, 2013

Hammondhotep X: Breakfast Treat

     Hieroglyphic square eggs, that's what I made for breakfast.

     Start by frying a couple of strips of bacon and saute some diced onion in the hot fat.  While it's getting translucent, use a water glass to punch holes in a couple of slices of bread.

     Fish out the onion and put the bread in the pan -- flip it over after dropping it in, so both sides pick up a little grease.  Break an egg into the opening in each one.  Once the eggs have cooked up a little, divide most of the onion between each egg (you can crumble some or all of the bacon in, too.)  It will sink towards the center.

     Slice some small sweet peppers into rings, and couple 2-3 of the rings into very small bits and add to the egg.

     When the eggs are set enough (I trust your judgement), flip 'em over and top with a thin slice of Swiss and a thin slice of good ham.  Add remaining bacon (if any), sauteed onion, and top with sweet pepper rings -- the interesting, colorful shapes of these look like ancient Egyptian writing if you hold you head right, thus the name, "Hammond X" Egyptianized.  Well, Khem-ized, really.

     When the cheese is melting out, it's done.  Yum! 

     Spice to suit -- I peppered the bacon before cooking and put a little sesame/garlic in the pan before I dropped in the bread.


Jennifer said...

Sounds delicious!

Robert Fowler said...

SW has been doing that for years. When the grandsons were here two weeks ago, the begged Gramma for her toast and eggs. Of course for the kids they were rather plain. Someday their taste buds will decide that plain just isn't enough.