Monday, August 26, 2013

So, I Went To The Gun Show, the BlogMeet...

     ...And to bed, very early.

     Tam wanted to ride bikes to the Indy 1500, and to noon o'clock me
it sounded like a great idea for many reasons.*  So we did, and we walked the whole show, and said Hi to Mike Z. and the bookseller lady and a few zillion other folks, and then time was a-wastin'.

     Tam was riding straight for the Brew Pub and the BlogMeet -- it's straight up the Monon but I needed to stop by home.  My energy was flagging and I figured I'd switch to car or motorscooter.

     Made my stop and decided the trouble of parking (and, in the case of the scooter, changing shoes, pre-flight inspection, etc. etc.) was just too much, and set out on the bicycle instead.

     Enjoyed a perfectly fine BlogMeet with at least 99 amd 44/100 of the Usual Suspects--
     And a perfectly fine barbecued brisket sandwich and realized to my horror I could hardly hold my eyes open.

     Made apologies, made my way home (downhill most of the way, or I wouldn'a), made my way to bed right about 5:30 ex poste meridiano and except for a brief bout of wakefulness elevenish, snored there, largely insensate, 'til right before six ayem, when Huck the Cat began trying every trick he knows to get the Big Giant Monkey In Charge Of Morning Feeding (me) outta bed.

     It was a pretty good Sunday.

     Oh, yeah: I bought a gun, another Savage .32 handgun, this one the "1917" model, with trapezoidal grips.  Tam is trying to buy it from me already, since we both collect Savages and neither of us had a 1917.
* Like, you get in the Fairgrounds free for nothing.  Also, try as I might, I'm not getting any taller and that leaves only one other variable on that persnickitty chart in the doc's office.


lelnet said...

Sounds like it was a fun time. Sorry we missed it.

(Saw that sign by the side of the road: "Indianapolis 110 miles". Noticed that the clock on the cell phone said 2:30 even though the one on the dashboard said 1:30. Cursed myself for failing to remember that the part of Indiana that's on Central time includes me, but not you. Realized that even if my car _could_ go 180mph, it'd attract the sustained attention of every cop in three counties by doing so. Sighed and turned around.)

Next time, for sure. *sigh*

Jeffro said...

Heh. I, too, have noticed not getting any taller. The persnickety chart actually doesn't go that high. I'm assuming I should be seven feet something. Considering the interest I have in exercising.....