Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Policemen: Come To Indy, Drink Heavily--

     --Get arrested.

     I don't know what it is about Indy that results in LEO public intox, but if we can figure it out, we ought to bottle it.  Bottle it and then send the filled bottles to Yucca Mountain, entombed in huge concrete casks: we've got way too much of the stuff.


Anonymous said...

NO no no no no. Nevada is not a waste land. why punish us with that stuff in the water, we got enough cop problems here without it thank you very much.

Windy Wilson said...

Doesn't Tam say that the police department initials, IMPD as "I Must Patrol Drunk?"
Maybe at the party he couldn't recall what force he was with and thought he was honorary IMPD.