Saturday, August 03, 2013


They're found in several places at the Indiana State Fair -- little ones, head-butting and playing King Of The Rock next to the DNR building, all sizes in the 4-H barns, and in at least two places all lined up to be fed and fussed over:
"Hi, how ya doin?  Welcome to the Goat Fair!"
     This small goat had decided it was best to hang out right next to the kibble-vending machine and try to look cute.


Robert Fowler said...

I love goats. They make great pets and when they get a little bigger, they make great barbecue.

The town in Missouri where my Mom is from has a big 4th of July party and street dance every year. The biggest attraction is the BBQ goat.

Roberta X said...

My Mom was raised on goat milk and the occasional goat dinner. The latter was not terribly easy for her, her six sisters and her brother, as they tended to make pets of the goats; but there were a lot of mouths to feed and it was the Depression. You ate goat and were glad to get it.

(Mom started public school in third grade and had her first glass of cow's milk on her first day of school. She tasted it to be polite but it wasn't the right color and it tasted *awful.* Not like real milk at all! She eventually got to liking it....)

greg said...

Looking Cute...natures greatest evolutionary tool for small things.

Unknown said...

Back here in Mordor on the Potomic, (D.C.) they are hiring for a new position at Congressional Cemetery - Goatherd. Seems they're a small herd of goats to eat the brush and grass in the cemetery. Kind of interesting, since my Dad's mom is buried there, and it's located in Annacostia, one of the roughest 'hoods in the city. Wonder how soon some of 'em become Bar-b-que.