Sunday, September 13, 2015

Broad Ripple Scenery

     Friday night, I made a quick run to the grocer's just at sunset -- and what a sunset!

      Then on Saturday, I'd walked to lunch at the same corner and was walking back when this came by:

      Oh, Broad Ripple!


OldTexan said...

I like it, I am not sure if I ever saw one in that color but it's his car and a beautiful restoration so that's good. I held on to one for a number of years and sold mine in 1989 and at times I wish I had it back because on a real nice day there is nothing better than running through the gears listening to the exhaust and each one winds up and then shifts. I had the electric overdrive so I could make a lot of those fun noises.

That is one fine car and thank you for the picture.

J. S. Bridges said...

Triumph TR-3 !(either an A or a B, cannot tell from a distance; they are distinct as to some internal details only) And painted very nearly the same shade of near-Hawaiian Blue that I had mine painted when its (non-original anyway) dark-metallic-green (a Cadillac paint-color, actually, which it wore when I acquired it from a dealer in suburban Cincinnati, OH) coat had become flaked and chipped and sorta-shabby.

Mine was a 1963 TR-3B, with the (slightly) larger, higher-compression engine, full-synchromesh 4-speed trans and (again, slightly) better-jetted carbs. May have only been a 4-cylinder engine, and have originated as a farm-tractor engine, but it could really haul a** - a few years into owning it, I had moved to exurban Detroit, MI, and took some nice cash off a few Woodward Avenue "jockeys" who thought their Chevy and Ford short-block V-8s couldn't possibly get their drawers smoked off by a dinky, li'l Limey sporty-car - imagine their shock and dismay!!

Really loved that car - until the second annual rebuild of its rocker panels (due to MI snow, ice and road-salt - a very bad combo!), after which it got sold to a guy who took it to Texas (last I heard), many years ago...