Thursday, September 10, 2015

Everybody's A Critic

     Y'don't say?

     My lettering, Tam's words. 


Drang said...

We're so boring, making do with a simple magnet that says "Clean or "Dirty", depending on which way is up.

Windy Wilson said...

Stan Freberg!
Everybody wants to be an art director
Everybody wants to call the shots
Everybody wants to be a flag dissector
Changing all my stars to polka dots
Everybody thinks that they're the final word
On what is strictly out and what is in
How'd you like a banner made of pea green spots
On simulated leopard skin
Or possibly a flag that features fleur-de-lis
On ocher corrugated tin?

Roberta X said...

DW: Our dishwasher has a non-magnetic front. The dry-erase board is also magnetic, but we started marking it (often just "empty," "clean" or "dirty") and never bothered to get a magnet.