Monday, September 14, 2015

Monday Is The Cruelest Month

     ...If you know what I mean.  And I already know there's likely to be a problem with the primary repeating indicator for phlogiston levels; there's another one across the very same main line that does work, but its output cannot be thrown on the same kinetographic linkage as the one that's on the blink.  So I may have to uncouple it, read the old gauges and run the thing by hand.

     Not that there's anything wrong with that, except I cannot hear the sounder from the command staff in the gallery unless I leave the engine-room door open, which the throttlemen do not like.  But they'd like running aground a good deal less, so there is that.

     I certainly hope there's coffee on.

     (In related news, a bit of chorizo sausage works well cooked in with corned beef hash and eggs [and onion and green pepper] but it does raise the question: why not just skip the canned hassh, dice a potato, and fry it up with four times as much chorizo?  No reason, of course.  I'm going to have to try that.)


Countglockula said...

Ah, Chorizo!

Like the three bears story, the amount of spice is critical; there's too little, too much, and when the stars fall into alignment, just the right amount.

Finding decent chorizo isn't easy, usually has too much filler. However, when I make my quicky breakfast burritos I only use chorizo, eggs, Mexican cheese and fresh flour tortillas.

The secret to good chorizo is to cook it first, adding enough water to the pan to allow it to be a slurry, then frying/steaming(?) until the water is gone. This insures no burning of the meat and the steam cooks it through and through.

Follow up with eggs, stirring briskly to avoid sticking and when done prepare burrito as you prefer. A splash of picante and dollop of sour cream is a tasty finishing touch...

pigpen51 said...

is it just me, or did canned hash taste much better when I was a kid? now it seems to taste and look like cat food. Not that I know what cat food tastes like, but I know what it looks like.

I think you are right. Just toss a diced potato and more chorizo in next time. At least you know it won't taste like a can.

RandyGC said...

I have found the secret to finding good chorizo is to find the proper little family run hole-in-the-wall market in a place beginning with "San" (-Antonio, -Angelo) and ending in "TX". It's usually right next to the freshly made tortillas.

I am still working on how to make this a portable solution

JC said...

Unfortunately, I did the math and much to dismay discovered that Monday is in fact the cruelest month and three-quarters.

Dorsai said...

@ pigpen51:
I'm pretty sure you're right, the stuff was, in fact, better then. Now lots of things tasted better to me as a kid than they do now, including cotton candy and Spam, but canned hash is just awful now.