Thursday, September 03, 2015

Roseholme Cottage Breakfast Hash Once More, Dear Friends

     I did not quite "imitate the action of the tiger," as ol' Hank V says in the play,* but it's worth growling over.

     This version has the usual fried potatoes, plus a bit of bacon and some really extraordinary packaged chorizo, three medium eggs, green onion and a large poblano pepper.

     I was going to add shitake mushrooms and a bit of crumbled cornbread, but by the time I reached that point, there was already breakfast for three people.  They'll do for an omelet tomorrow, I think.  The mushrooms and cornbread, I mean, not the three people.
* Yes, it's that Elizabethan playwright fellow.  "The game's afoot!" Who knew Holmes was quoting? Not me!

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