Friday, September 18, 2015

Early Morning

     I have some appointments to take care of early on, so this first post will be short (shortish, anyway). 

     Tam and I walked over to Fat Dan's Deli for supper last night and lo, they had live music -- a talented singer-guitarist with a collection of effects boxes, which turns out to add up to better than a full four-piece group back in my youth.  He did everything from Stevie Ray Vaughn to Pink Floyd, with a side tip to do a cover of -- of all things! -- the old standard, Fever.  Except for Wish You Were Here, which he did pretty much by the numbers and impressively so, the covers appeared to be his own arrangments and very good ones.

     The food was good, too.  I had the smoked meatloaf sandwich (amazing, but enough for two) and their coleslaw.  The slaw was competent, though no one quite does the sweet/pepper/tart slaw I remember from childhood.  Malt vinegar took care of some of that and a condiment raid would've fixed the rest -- but it was fresh and crunchy and I was wresting a nearly-cubical slab of meatloaf at the time.  Tam went with her usual spicy wings and a nice craft beer.  Far Dan's had the garage-door front window opened up and we sat at a sidewalk table just outside it, jazz floating over between sets from the Jazz Kitchen, catty-corner across College Avenue while people floated up and down the sidewalk about the various eateries and night spots of SoBro and the sun slowly snuck down behind the buildings.  Not so bad a way to spend an evening, even with a long walk home by streetlight and flashlight.

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