Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Seen At The Hardware Store

    The big Ace Hardware in a neighborhood between Broad Ripple and the Skunk Works North Campus has a lot of fasteners and small findings of all types.  All types:
Gun screws!

     Have I mentioned recently how much I love this town?


Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Ah, the one across from Too Big High School, if I'm not mistaken...

Guffaw in AZ said...



Anonymous said...

Make a habit while you are out-n-about to visit mom-n-pop non-chain hardware stores and nose around, you may be very surprised what you can find. File away for future reference...

A local down here in Florida had a 6 ft. high by 4 ft wide section with many drawers of really *tiny* stainless machine screws.

It was a lifesaver when my Spyderco stainless clip-it pocket knife's clip lost its strong grip. Removing the 3 machine screws stripped 2 of the Phillips head screws. They had pan-head slot screws of the exact thread needed (and if memory serves, was the same 4-40 thread you needed on your pistol).

They even had matching tiny stainless washers. It was a joy to fix it and the repair to truly be 'better than new'.

This company also stocks the tiny stuff:

jdunmyer said...

We have a similar hardware store, with a huge assortment of arcane fasteners, etc, but I've never seen "Gun Screws" in those little boxes. Will request that they stock them in the future.

It would behoove all of us to follow the advice of "anonymous" above, with the addition of BUY, not just look. Yes, they'll usually be a bit more expensive than the Big Box outfits, but they often have knowlegeable help, and such arcane stuff as those gun screws. If you're buying a big ticket item, give them a chance to match the Big Box price, it doesn't hurt to ask. I did that when I bought a water softener some years ago, and they knocked off $100.00 from their posted price, matching the Big Box.