Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Art, Life, Whatever

William Gibson fans -- Tam, for instance -- take heart: a couple of SF* architects who don't appear to read much SF† have proposed turning the soon-to-be-redundant Bay Bridge into a series of parks and apartments.

Yeah. Bridge City. Only done up shiny-suburbia style. Wonder if there'll be spandex jackets?
* San Francisco
† Science Fiction


Don said...

That spandex jackets reference was so obscure that I thought you might be channelling Dennis Miller for a moment...

Made me laugh, though :-)

I just can't imagine that I'd want to live on a rickety old bridge hanging over a fault zone. Nossir, don't think so.

mts1 said...

I can only imagine those living pods swinging to and fro like the bells of St. Peters on Christmas Eve, if they're built and another earthquake hits.

og said...

IGY one of my favorite Dan songs. Annoyingly and stunningly stupid lyrics, but the music rocks.