Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Like A Lamb To The Slaughter

Actually, it wasn't so much like a lamb as it was an actual lamb: Marcus the lamb, hand-raised by students at an elementary school in the United Kingdom as part of a hands-on educational farm (which includes other critters as well).

After raising Marcus, the students voted (13-1!) to sell him (as, yes, food) and use the proceeds to buy pigs. Off went the lamb and the deed is already done.

This being 2009 and the zanies bein' zanier than ever, there has been a great hue and cry over the harm done to a baby sheep (and the supposed psychic trauma suffered by baby Britons); while the school is standing behind the kids decision, hog-raising plans have been put on hold. (Thereby denying the youngsters a chance to learn firsthand where bacon comes from. Tsk). Having been around sheep, I kinda think one less is cause for celebration but I recognize my own prejudice. What it actually is, is meat on the table, no more, no less.

It's one thing to not eat meat for philosophical or dietary reasons. It's something entirely different to insist that all around you conform to your prejudices. And it's a whole order of magnitude stupider to not understand the difference.


Anonymous said...

I agree, nothing wrong with being a vegan, so long as you don't push it on me, or my kids. Heh.


Bruce B. said...

Having grown up working with hogs, and later cattle and sheep I agree that one less sheep is cause for celebration. Sheep and cattle are so skittish that they're unpredictable and aggravating to try to work with. Hogs will reliably do the opposite that they think you want them to do. :-)

Good for the kids to not let sentimentality influence their decision.

JohnMXL said...

+1 on one less sheep.

Dad is a veterinarian, and grandpa was a farmer. Between the two I got many years of large animal experience. Maybe that's why I'm not a veterinarian or a farmer now.

Cattle could generally be herded toward a gate, especially if you got the boss cow on board with the plan.

Hogs had to be convinced you DIDN'T want them to go thru the open gate.

Sheep would look right at the open gate and run into the fence right beside it. Or the barn wall behind them. Or each other.

One less sheep in the world is good.

DBA Dude said...

Rack of lamb is one of my favourite meat cuts - the crazies out there just do not understand the food chain. It is encouraging for the future that some primary school kids do get it.

Bob said...

Have the lambs stopped screaming, Roberta?