Saturday, September 26, 2009

G20 Violence?

Called it. Shermlock has links. Rioting in Pittsburgh was entirely predictable. I did see a little coverage of this; NBC even reported that ordinary folks took my advice (well, somebody's) and found places to be other than downtown where the G20 and idiotarchists bloomed. (Gah! The nerve of those wankers calling themselves "anarchists," makes an ol' Anarcho-Capitalist like me so mad I wanna ring up the sanctioning body of anarchism, get the big boss on the line and...oh, right. Not got. Oops. They're still nasty little window-breaking wankers and in another time, many would have been wearing brown shirts instead of black).

Meanwhile, who remembers the phrase "cheese-eating surrender monkeys?" Might wanna reconsider: Nicolas Sarkozy reminds us in the real world, there might be actually, you know, bad guys with nukes, who don't wanna play nice with President Obama's call to beat fission and fusion weapons into expensive, glowing plowshares. I wonder if our President, ever-sensitive to "World Opinion," was listening? And you'll notice how this has made all the headlines and news programs.
What, not? Oh, shock.
(Found at The Unwanted Blog, which you should be reading if you aren't already).


perlhaqr said...

Yeah, it really pisses me off when those brick-pitching ninnies call themselves anarchists.

Turk Turon said...

You want to file a written complaint with the Societe de l'Nihilisme. They're the world sanctioning body of anarchism. In Paris (duh). Not to be confused with the C.I.E. (Commissaire Internationale de l'Ennui.) And tell 'em Turk sent you!

Joseph said...

I do think that these "anarchists" just use situations like this to simply get violent and wreck stuff...stuff that does not belong to them and someone else has to pay for. I'd be curious to see if any of these folks have a history of violence, or if they just sit around, smoke up, drink beer, and diss "the man".

Tango Juliet said...

I'd be willing to bet that well over half of those "protesters" have a problem with violence.

How else could they justify that kind of behavior?