Saturday, September 19, 2009

The End Is Near?

...Maybe, at least if you think the Georgia Guidestones are any indication. Marginally less cryptic than, say, Stonehenge or The Rude Man and at least as apocalyptic as the 2012 fantasy, but way less well known.

The way I figure, all noids must be paired, so it's time to give this'n a bump. Enjoy!

PS: History is not only strange, it is stranger than you think. So, umm, I dunno.


Turk Turon said...

It's amusing that The Rude Man has to be "re-chalked" every 25 years.

And that during WWII they covered him up so that the Luftwaffe couldn't use him as a navigational aid. I think they should have left him uncovered, and maybe chalked a nice bowler hat on his head, and a "V" for victory on the first 2 fingers of his hand.

Jeffro said...

I'd hate to see it all wrapped up before we get the jetpacks we were promised.

Anonymous said...

Jetpacks?! screw that I want Phasers and warp drive!