Thursday, September 24, 2009

Aw, Rats: Missing Celphone

Soooo... Put the ol' cel in the purse this ayem and ignored it 'til I was in the car heading homewards at the end of my workday; reached into the phone pocket and... Empty. De nada.

Not so good; it's one of my alarm clocks and it's the only place where I have Tam's cel number, in addition to all the usual celphonic usages. I've only been home>work>home, so it's got some chance of bein' findable.

Really don't want to have to replace it, they nearly always make me get a New Plan.

Also, Tam, if you read this, call home!


Anonymous said...

At the rate these things seem to be going, cell providers will soon be offering Five Year Plans for their phones.


Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Be sure you call your provider and lock out your account with a password, if it isn't already locked out.

I lost a phone once and it ended up sold in a bar on the South side and someone with (I am convinced) an inside man at Cingular was able to hijack my number...for about five minutes till my wife (who was a Cingular agent) called in and got it switched back to the temporary phone I was using.

I hope the guy who bought the phone beat the hell out of the SOB who sold it to him. Especially since he threatened my wife when she called my number and ended up getting a stranger and told him she was going to cut his ass off.

JC said...

I use nothing but the cheapest available soapbar style cellphones, and get replacements by buying pre-paids at the local drugstore for $12.

Roberta X said...

Found, on my way home for "lunch" (picking up plumbing parts). Sat down, reached behind the driver's seat -- where I had looked hurriedly in the morning but not touched -- and there it was. Of course I had suspended the account not an hour earlier.