Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Not Nearly Left Enough?

Soooo....you were thinking President Obama was pretty far to the left, a "progressive" who believes government is the answer to every social ill, a man whose political ideas go too far?

Wan'cha t'meet somebody. Wan'cha t'meet a fellow who voted for him, a leftie who wrote, scant months ago,
"Election seasons test and measure our relationship with our country. A divided and inconclusive result tells us that the body politic is not prepared for progress. A clear and decisive result suggests that we are prepared to dream anew that patriot's dream, and to go about the work of perfecting it. Such is the result from the long election night that followed the longest campaign in American history."
Pretty high-flown conclusion for a President who barely cleared the popular vote, ey? (In fairness, most Presidents take off like Gooney birds and would barely get over the fence were it not for the boost provided by the Electoral College and winner-take-all). Yessiree, he was pumped on His Guy.

But what's our man sayin' now?

He's not happy. The president does a media blitz and the guy writes of "tepid argument" and "pulled punches." He tells us, "Indeed, as Obama describes his notion of a public option, it is so constrained, under-funded and uninspired in approach as to be dysfunctional." The piece is titled, "What Obama Should've Said on the Talk Shows."

And this is the side that tells me I don't think an African-American is up to the job? One of us is taking President Obama seriously. It isn't John Nichols.

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