Thursday, September 24, 2009

Second September BlogMeet!

Now, with marginally better artwork! This coming Sunday, right at the intersection of Westfield, Westfield, Westfield and Winthrop. Map. Food's amazin' good and the beer's first-rate, too. Website. Tam. Be there! ...I did manage to (blindly) pick about the two worst weekends of the month for BlogMeets, this Sunday especially so -- I will be aimin' to arrive at 2:30pm, so Joanna will have somebody else there in time to grab a bite!


Joanna said...

You are made of pure, distilled awesome (the strongest, most potent kind -- they ship it straight from Japan!).

Crucis said...

Roberta, when you plan the Oct meeting, could you give a couple of weeks lead time? The Mrs and I may come over for a long weekend.