Thursday, September 10, 2009

Talking Sense About Healthcare?

In the Press? Can't be! That Sheldon Richman, he must be an impostor, or even, oh horrors, a blogger; snuck into the good offices of the venerable Christian Science Monitor like Archy the cockroach and typed his stuff on the sly, leaving it for the hapless editors to stumble over before they have even had the day's first coffee or third whisky, I'll bet.

The money quote:
The genuine alternative to the status quo is what we do not have now: the free market – that is, the elimination of all medical-business privileges, including rigged tax laws, licensing, anticompetitive insurance regulation, and patents. We know from experience that when free markets are allowed to work, competition lowers prices, raises quality, and universalizes access. Independent mutual-aid associations would also have a large role in a free society, as they did in the past.
Who'd'a thunk?

RTWT. He'll play you a tune.


og said...

Wow, I thought Alger and I were the last two people to remember Archy and Mehitabel.

Old Grouch said...

Please. It's "archy".

"theres a dance in the old dame yet"

og said...

Grouch: I don't type with my forehead, so I can capitalize

Old Grouch said...