Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Lenny Bruce On Racist Speech

One Man's Idea:

Maybe it's a stupid idea but the present tiptoeing, tattletale-ing and especially the trumped-up outrage over imagined slurs sucks on ice. It is an attempt to stifle dissent and it is just as odious as any other such atempt.

Lookit, I happen to think the current President is a handsome guy; he looks a lot like Richard Nixon during his term as Vice President, minus the famous nose and in better suits -- I just think his ideas stink and the ideas of his loudest partisans* (a group assorted in hue and ancestry in a very American manner) stink way worse. Bad ideas are something any of us can have; they are no respecter of persons, of IQ or education and certainly not of race. So get over it; you're just looking like idiots when you shirek "RAAAAACIST" over every single dissenting statement.

Last time I checked, the loud Left had accused the previous worker in the Oval Office of being mentally subnormal; did that mean they loath the retarded? (Look, I think the man was inept at the PR-ish things politicians are supposed to be ept at, and I'm no fan of the USA PATRIOT Act and related police-statia, but geez, ya rip him a new one seven ways and then tell me I gotta shuddup and play along with the new boss? Like you did, hey?)

Criticizing ideas one disagrees with is not inherently racist. What's so awful about not agreeing? This country was founded by disagreeable people, who tried to leave us enough elbow room to not agree...and still get along.
*Even when President Obama's Press Secretary points out some folks with firearms near a health care rally were playing by the rules and the White House is okay with it, that's not enough for the self-anointed protectors Of The Realm; they don't trust Mr. Gibbs or even the Secret Service, I guess?


Douglas L. Perry said...

You are so right on this one.... I am sick of *them* getting upset because I don't agree with their socialist views. Last time I looked this was still a free (though somewhat leadership limited) country.

Anonymous said...

That Lenny Bruce speech is correct. Case in point: calling someone a racist has little effective because it is so obviously overused.

Robb Allen said...

Talk about apropos!

staghounds said...

Or Dave Chappelle- "Who decided that one word would make all black people cry?"

I've long suggested that Black folks wear Confederate flag garments for exactly this reason.

But it won't happen, the enemies of liberty cleave to their excuses for control like ticks.

Tango Juliet said...

Beautifully written Bobbi.