Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Visitor

Earlier the same night of Roseholme's Mysterious Doorbell Ring, I had another visitor, this one at the back door. Named Katy. Very pretty, if you like that leafy, elfin look and bright, bright green:When I say "leafy," it's no hyperbole; the wing covers are veined and shaped just like leaves. That color's about to go unseasonable, so it's probably egg-laying time.My attempt at a side view didn't come out as well but you get the idea. Some critter! Who knows, maybe next Spring we'll have more of 'em (judging from the sounds, we do have plenty). I wouldn't mind that, they're middlin' harmless and they do sing nicely of an evening.

And remember, not caryatid, katydid! (sound at second link). Really not caryatid.


Anonymous said...

Roberta:Caught your posting on UPI-AP. I was with both. See my blog, "Philip's Code." Retired in 2000 after 40 years in news. Blv me, world lost a lot when UPI went down. LOL about Reuters and AFP. They've been around even longer and, along with LAT and NYT, were viewed as "supplemental" wire services. We are in an era of "validation journalism."

Roberta X said...

Welcome! That's your blog at, I gather?