Sunday, September 13, 2009

If Language Is The Software Of Thought...

...Then the Rastafari are running a fine version:
Politricks is a Rasta term replacing English "politics", because so many politicians, etc. turn out, they say, to be more like tricksters. Politrickster n.
Accuse me of excessive ecumenical zeal or even cultural misappropriation, but I'd sure like to see that word achieve wider use. It's right on the mark.


Tango Juliet said...

That'll work.

Crucis said...

When I hear the term "trickster" my mental picture is some adolescent prankster. What we have is much more malevolent. To me, trickster is just too tame to what is really happening.

WV: mestery. We have no mestery over them!

Joseph said...

I agree with you, Roberta. Seems most of our elected "officials" spend far more time playing games than doing they're jobs.

Aside, I've noticed that 2 million people in DC translates into "tens of thousands" in the MSM.

Consider that for every one at the protest, there were a number that didn't do, and Obama's "majority" has evaporated, if it ever existed.