Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I Believe This Man Is High

Really, it's the only explanation: high. From "taxpayer-owned airways" (nope -- gummint-regulated and using largely privately-owned infrastructure at both ends, at least here in the States*) to "...for years wildly conservative voices at places like CBS, NBC, and ABC Sunday talk shows consistently overwhelm progressive voices." Riiight. This would be at the networks whose newsies compete to tongue-shine the current President's shoes, just as they did throughout his campaign. Okay then.

High. At least he's not trying to drive anything other than public opinion.
* Also, I'm pretty sure an "airway" is a preferred route on a pilot's map or the thing the paramedic uses so you can breathe despite having a constricted windpipe. "Airwaves," maybe, except they work in a vacuum, too. Like, oh, I dunno the one inside some writer's heads.


rickn8or said...

"taxpayer-owned airways"
Is that similar to the widely-held-but-incorrect notion that the government also owns the RF spectrum from DC-to-Daylight and can therefore auction portions of it to us mere mortals?

Tango Juliet said...

wildly conservative voices? At NBC/CBS/ABC?

He is high.

Mark Alger said...

Which only demonstrates -- just like the international communist canard that fascism and national socialism are RIGHT-wing diseases -- the extreme nature of his perspective.


Mike W. said...

I want some of whatever he's smoking. It must be some good stuff....

perlhaqr said...

Oh, heh. I didn't read the article before reading your post, and was confused when we got to the bottom and realized you were talking about radio, not airplanes.

"Airways" indeed.

Stranger said...

Not high, sick. Ill, if you prefer. Mentally ill.

The sort of nasty who will look at the five years after gun controls violent crime numbers, smirk, and say "I told you it would work!"

A prime candidate for the room with the rubber wallpaper.


og said...

"I was gonna go on Fox News
but then I got high!"