Thursday, September 17, 2009

Five Lynks

1. Once again, Ohio can't find a vein to kill a condemned man. I'm not keen on giving the State the power to kill but if they've gotta, maybe they should go back to public hangings. Better yet, how about arming more prospective victims?

2. Heath care in the USA: considerably better than claimed by those clamoring for reform.

3. New York Times "covers" the Acorn investigation -- sort of.

4. Steampunk Airship. WANT.

5. Still not happy? Don't be a sucker -- have one! (I should get money for this but it is way kewl. You should click on this ad at Tam's when it shows up)


Alan said...

WOW! Steampunk airship! That makes my toes curl.

Turk Turon said...

#4: What the heck?! A steam-powered cast-iron ornithopter, or what? Ye gods! Nice rotating-ball governor!

#5: Maple-bacon flavored's what's for breakfast!

Turk Turon said...

And furthermore!

#2: In the U.S. we try very hard to keep newborns alive. Other countries, not so much: a baby that dies within 24 hours is not counted as a "live birth", nor is a very low birthweight baby. But in the U.S. those are counted as live births and contribute to our lower ranking for infant mortality compared to Slovenia, Cuba, Andorra, etc. Which is completely counterintuitive and even perverse, because where is the best place for a woman with a problem pregnancy? Malta? Heck, every year Canada sends scores of difficult deliveries over the border into the U.S.

Our infant mortality statistic in turn affects our life-expectancy statistic. But what also drags down the latter are our accidental deaths (auto accidents primarily) and our high number of homicides (mostly drug dealers killing each other).

Anonymous said...

Turk said everything I was going to re 4 & 5. I'd be curious to try the Wasabi Ginger lollipop, just on principle.


karrde said...

Can't the State of Ohio hand the guy a cup of hemlock?

It was good enough for Socrates.

Crucis said...

Can't find a vein? There are two large ones in his neck.